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It’s very simple but highly effective. We take a pdf copy of your 2D floor plan and project it onto our floor at a 1:1 scale. This means that what you see on your plan, you’ll see accurately represented on our floor.

Once projected, we introduce real furniture, partial walls, and foam blocks to simulate living areas. This setup allows you to physically experience and analyse each space, providing a tangible feel for your layout.

Our statistics show that on average, seven variations surface during a 1:1 scale walkthrough, revealing design details often missed in small plans and 3D models. The potential cost of these discoveries during construction could conservatively, exceed $7000. Even a single change identified during the walkthrough will save you more than the cost of a one hour experience.  By investing in this process, every construction dollar matches your vision, eliminating doubts and uncertainties.  And what value can you place on peace of mind?

We encourage you to invite your architect, building designer or builder to join you. This experience quickly puts everyone on the same page and often speeds up the design process.  If your design team can’t make it, rest assured that we have 30 plus years of experience in the construction industry and can address any questions that may arise during your walkthrough.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire house from our viewing balcony. We’ll discuss specific areas of the house that concern you the most, allowing us to prioritise those areas. As you navigate your new home, we’ll introduce furniture, walls, and foam blocks to simulate the kitchen and living space.

When it comes to changes, we’ll physically adjust walls to showcase the new spatial dimensions. This process is time efficient and enables us to discuss the impact on the rest of the home with regard to space, structural implications and potential cost. 

Once you’ve decided on a final layout, any approved changes will be written on your plans for you to take back to your design team, if they are not in attendance.

This method stands out as the most time and cost effective way to ‘play around’ with your plan, ensuring its perfection.  Opting for VR or AR to create a 3D experience in order to identify changes may reveal problem areas, however, making these alterations within a virtual environment is time consuming and expensive. You’d likely need to return to your architect and the VR developer, incurring additional costs for adjustments, and then repeat the VR experience.

While VR and AR experiences offer stunning visuals, they lack the flexibility for real-time adjustments to your floor plan or exploring alternative layouts.

All we need to get started is a PDF copy of your plans and as long as they have been drawn to scale and have a dimension each way, then we can scale them on our showroom floor.  And although not necessary, if you have any 3D renders, flythroughs or even photos of beautiful views that you will see from various locations in your new house, you may email them to us as well.

It’s also helpful to measure and have your design team draw any non-standard sized furniture items prior to the walkthrough, but it’s not mandatory. We provide a great library of real furniture and blocks. Even if the sizes aren’t exact, you’ll still achieve complete clarity on how your furniture will fit.

Booking your walkthrough experience earlier in the design phase is both time-efficient and cost-effective compared to doing so later.  Our hours of operation are from Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.  You may check our availability and make a booking here or just email me at to let me know your preferred date and time.


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