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Walk Through Your Designs in LIFESIZE!

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Experience Your Floor Plans in 1:1 Lifesize Scale

Truly Visualise the Final Build: We project your plans on the floor of our huge North Lakes showroom, for a fully immersive tactile experience you can physically walk through.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Delays: Identify potential issues with the designs that you never would have noticed by just looking at lines on a page. 

Build With Certainty: Make vital changes to your plans while still in the design phase, saving yourself thousands of dollars in costly rebuilds, and ensuring your home is crafted to perfection.


Safeguard Your Dream Home From Becoming Your Worst Nightmare

90% of People Building Their Dream Home End Up with Regrets: Only once their home is built do they realise a space is too small, too big or simply not quite right. They’re caught between expensive rebuilds or settling for a home that falls short of their dreams. 

You Try Before You Build: Consider it a test-drive for your home, giving you the chance to perfect your plans before construction begins. 

Build it Right, the First Time: The walkthrough experience at Lifesize Plans Brisbane eliminates the unexpected, turning risk into relief and making that dream home a reality.

The Benefits of Lifesize Plans Brisbane

Experience the Visualisation Power of Our Patented World-First Projection Technology

True Collaboration

Get everybody on the same page. Designers, architects, builders and their clients, fully understanding each other and truly visualising the final build.

Design Clarity

Perfectly accurate 1:1 scale projected plans, with moveable walls and furniture, so you can physically experience your future home.

Perfect Your Plans

Identify potential issues and fix them in the design phase, saving time, money and heartache. 

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We’re Changing the Construction Industry in Queensland!

From dream homes, to supermarkets to Government buildings, Brisbane is changing the way it builds – keeping projects on track and on budget, by perfecting plans in Lifesize!

Is a Walkthrough Right For You?

How Can You Benefit From Our Patented Projection Technology?

Home Builders

Walk through your house before it’s even built, truly understanding the plans and identifying issues before they become problems.

Architects and Designers:

Speed up your workflow and instil confidence in your clients by walking them through your designs for a superior collaborative experience. 


Eliminate excessive back-and-forth communication and time-consuming rebuilds by ensuring you and your clients are on the same page. 


We hear it all the time. Not just walkthroughs either. Whether it’s walking through plans, or holding functions, the awesome power of our projection technology never fails to dazzle.

Real estate agents and developers

Real estate agents and developers can wine and dine potential buyers in our function room, and skyrocket off-the-plan sales with our floor and wall projections of walkthroughs, 3D renders and flythroughs.

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What’s Included in Your Walkthrough?

The world-first patented projection technology at Lifesize Plans Brisbane turns floor plans into realistic spaces you can physically explore for unrivalled clarity.

Home Builders

We project your building plans onto our showroom floor in 1:1 scale with such accuracy, you can use a tape measure and check for yourself. 

Unparalleled Understanding and Collaboration

Architects, designers and builders can explore plans with clients. Physically experiencing the future build creates a level of visualisation unmatched by viewing lines on a page. 

Expert-Guided Walkthrough

Chris, a QBCC licensed building designer and builder boasting over 40 years of industry expertise, can guide homebuilders through their floor plans for maximum understanding.

Specialised Features and 3D Renders

Go beyond room and house layout to experience pools, garages and outdoor spaces. We can even project 3D renders on our walls to give you a true sense of your dream home’s scale.  

Moveable Furniture and Walls

Is there enough space around the dining table? Are any areas too pokey and need expanding? Are other areas needlessly large and can be reduced to free up space or budget? Physically moving walls and furniture around your plans will answer this. 

More Than Just Dream Homes

Use your walkthrough experience to perfect office layouts, design perfect customer flow in your store and optimise commercial spaces. If you have the plans, we can project them in Lifesize! 

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Be Ready to Build in 3 steps

Join the many people making the smart investment in their builds by experiencing them in Lifesize!


Call or Book Online: Secure your spot and send us your plans.

Walk Through Your Plans

Visit our North Lakes showroom and walk through a 1:1 scale projection of your plans, using the experience to identify any vital changes before you build.


Seal the Deal: Finalise your design and proceed with your build, confident that your plans are perfect.

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Awards Accolades

Our Award-Winning Service & Innovation Means Happy Customers.

Innovative Patented Technology

Lifesize Plans was world-first in floor plan projection

Industry Recognition

We’re regularly winning awards for innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

Our service is top-rated with a 5/5 Google Rating.

Special Mention

Proud to be the PropTech Highest Achiever of 2022.

Trusted by Thousands of Clients

Helping Brisbane to Build Better

“Walking through everything at scale really was great fun! The technology really is awesome. We had been all over our building plans, with many people assisting, over a long period of time and knew them very well. Our time at LifeSize Plans however showed us some more fixes and gave us more good ideas! This will no doubt save us money in the build and make a nicer home to live. Chris was very knowledgeable on the build process and very helpful, and Gillian was an excellent host. We are booking in again when the plans are updated to ensure we get everything running as smoothly as possible for the build. It was a terrific experience!”

Chris M